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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 

SLANSW offers a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as a benefit of membership. Members can opt-in to one or more SIG; Mentoring, Networking, Non Teaching School Library Staff, and Research. 

The four SLANSW Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been created in response to members’ comments and requests and future-focused, library-related literature. The SIGs offer members the opportunity to customise their professional learning by joining a learning community of colleagues with similar professional needs and interests. The relatively informal nature of SIG meetings encourages greater participation as attendees share ideas and discuss issues raised by SIG members.

Apart from the Mentoring SIG, which requires a regular commitment from mentors and mentees, the other SIGs operate on a more fluid basis. Members can come and go as they wish. That said, there’s real benefit to be gained from becoming a regular and active member of a learning community and forming professional relationships with the members of one’s “tribe.”

If you haven’t already attended a SLANSW SIG meeting, pop it on your To-Do list for 2023 and be inspired!

Mentoring SIG 

In 2022 SLANSW offered a one-year mentoring scheme as part of its professional development program. Teacher Librarians of all sectors and levels of experience were invited to participate in this exciting scheme as either mentor or mentee. 

This SIG will run from February to November 2023.   

Networking SIG  - NEW in 2023 

In 2023 SLANSW will be introducing a new Networking Special Interest Group (SIG) to provide a platform to support members and encourage ongoing dialogue in our professional learning community. The Networking SIG will also provide a continuing networking opportunity for the mentees and mentors of the 2022 Mentoring SIG.

The aim of the Networking SIG is to create opportunities for our members to network and discuss a variety of issues and topics in a variety of ways and formats. Meetings will be offered in face-to-face as well as online modes. We would welcome your feedback on days and times that would be convenient for you to meet in person. We hope to facilitate face to face meetings in regional and metropolitan areas that will allow members to meet at a time and place that best suits your local situation. We also plan to offer one online meeting per semester to allow members to meet and discuss a particular theme or topic of interest suggested by members.

Expressions of Interest are now open for Term 4:

Non Teaching School Library Staff SIG 

The Non-Teaching School Library Staff Special Interest Group is an informal gathering held each term. Participants are encouraged to bring along their coffee and simply connect with others. The hour-long session involves a short presentation from different speakers, followed by small group discussions, which provide practical ideas and inspiration. 

Research SIG 

The aim of the Research Special Interest Group is to encourage and support its members to engage in reflective practices that explore and communicate the impact of the services, programs, and spaces in their school libraries. Group members are encouraged to identify a change they would like to make in their libraries or a new strategy they would like to try and will be supported in areas such as data collection and analysis, and appropriate ways to communicate their project findings for maximum impact. The hour-long meetings of the group comprise a short information session followed by discussion and the sharing of ideas and practices. 

Register for the Term 4 session: Special Interest Group - Research

Special Interest Group Events

Please register for these events via: Events

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